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Nutritionish Recipes 101

Welcome to my recipe page!

Here you'll find a ton of recipes that will satisfy all your cravings, even the ones you won't openly admit to. I don’t know about you but when I’m looking for recipe inspiration and I see one I like, I usually just skip right to the ingredients list and directions on how to prepare it. Occasionally, I appreciate the stories behind the recipes but I find having them written out short and sweet is the way to my heart. There’s no shame AT ALL in wanting to give readers some context but I just like to cut right to the chase. That’s why I decided that for my recipes you can skip the scrolling and get just the essential information (and some helpful hints) like:

A little blurb about the recipe

How much the recipe makes i.e. the yieldIngredient lists

Directions for preparation

Nutritional breakdowns (for some recipes)

Any cooking hacks to simplify your life (for some recipes)

And last but not least, a simple guide on how tough the recipe is. Just look for the following tags and you’ll know if it’s something you can handle or want to challenge yourself with.

· Easy-peasy lemon squeezy (Beginner)

· This is easier than I thought (Intermediate)

· I’m Martha freaking Stewart (Advanced)

So go ahead - take a look through my recipe log for inspiration on healthy eats and decadent treats!

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