I’ve spent the last five years of my career gaining experience in one-on-one consultation, long term care, food service and distribution (both in institutional and industry settings), and most recently, in acute care. I currently work on-call as a dietitian at the Jewish General Hospital. I spent my first six months there working on a surgical floor that dealt primarily with head and neck cancer, as well as, vascular and gastro-intestinal surgery. I have since been working on the various wards and in the outpatient clinics which has exposed me to a wide range of nutritional issues such as malnutrition, weight control, cancer, gestational diabetes, gastro-intestinal disease, dysphagia (i.e. trouble chewing or swallowing), and heart disease to name a few. All the while, food and everything in between have remained a constant in both my professional and personal life.


A common misconception is that dietitians only eat super healthy, gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, dairy-free, everything-free food. Goji berries for breakfast, kale for lunch, a gust of air for dinner and I’m pretty much stuffed. Confession: my eating habits are terrible…sometimes. I occasionally skip breakfast (but never brunch), give in to cravings more often than I should (sweet & salty popcorn is my kryptonite), and can say with absolute certainty that I don’t drink enough during the day (does coffee count?). In short, I don’t always practice what I preach. The truth is, I believe that food holds many purposes and, when we fixate on just one, we find ourselves in trouble. I also believe that trying to find a perfect balance between healthy yet indulgent may hold true for some food, others just aren’t worth shaving off the calories for. Sometimes I just want the freakin' piece of gluten/refined sugar/butter filled cake! So rather than a nutritionist, I consider myself a nutrition…ish: half nutritionist, half not so much.


On my blog you’ll find articles on current science-based nutrition topics, personal tales from the trenches, and anything and everything food related. Feel like you’re not getting what you want? Let me know! I want to tailor my content to suit what you all want to hear. What are the food questions you’ve been dying to ask? Is sugar really THAT bad? What must-have food items do I need to have stocked at all times? Nothing is off limits. Ask and you shall receive!


My food philosophy is simple: treat yo'self...responsibly. My goal is to teach people that food can be yummy AND healthy but that it's okay if those two terms don’t always go hand in hand. After all, that’s what makes food so satisfying and exciting. I also believe that recipes, like rules, are meant to be broken so the ones I’ll be sharing can be modified to whatever your tastes are. Don’t like quinoa? No problem! Try another grain…or no grain at all! Let your freak flag fly and make delicious food while you’re at it. I’m just here to help guide you through the ever-changing world of nutrition and food with dashes of reality and indulgence along the way.


Welcome to Nutritionish! I’m Jess, a Registered Dietitian based out of Montreal. I graduated from McGill in 2012 with my degree in Dietetics & Human Nutrition and, like most graduates, didn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do until recently. Around the same time I was finishing my degree, I met my then-boyfriend (now husband) Arthur. I have to admit, I was not a cook nor a baker when he and I met. Better yet, on our second date, he invited me over for a home-cooked dinner and whipped up some Cajun maple salmon, mushroom risotto, grilled asparagus, and topped it off with some homemade cheesecake lollipops for dessert – you know, easy peasy. As it turns out, the way to a woman’s heart is pretty much the same as the way to a man’s.With his help and encouragement to try new things, I finally got my hands dirty in the kitchen and have loved cooking and baking since. We soon discovered that some of our favourite times together were in the kitchen either trying new recipes or just sticking with the classics. And now, the time has come where the grasshopper has become the master.

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